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Handsome Bob visits London by Nonesane
«One Two hasn't thought of Handsome Bob in years. The bloke's not been seen in London since Mumbles was living alone and hasn't exactly been sending Christmas cards. He's not forgotten, but he seems to be gone. So how's One Two supposed to react when Bob shows up at the pub out of the blue and wants to have a drink?»

That One Time in Amsterdam by enjambament
Сборник из трех частей, описывающий отношения между Артуром и Имсом (опять же)
Первая часть переведена на русский, ссылка в заметке от автора.

Let Not My Love Be Called Idolatry by toomuchplor
«Arthur breaks all the rules of American high school films, as though he’s never even heard of John Hughes, and Eames can’t decide if, given the choice, he wouldn’t rather just become Arthur instead of having the chance to be with him.

A high school AU wherein Eames is a shy sweet nervous drama geek and Arthur is the confident popular gorgeous student council president; and lo, there is much pining and awkwardness and, eventually, kissing.»

Skybird by windsweptfic
«Arthur and Eames adopt a kid and raise that kid into Neal Caffrey.»
От себя скажу, что, читая этот фанфик, я получила море удовольствия. У работы есть продолжение, связанное с каноном Белых Воротничков, но я его не читала.

Lions and Tigers by Starlingthefool
«“What were you like as a kid?” Eames asks him.
“Quiet,” Arthur says. “I lived in my head a lot. You?”
“I did too,” Eames replies. “Only I was never quiet about it.”

A story about growing up, sort of.»


«As he peels out of the garage and onto the street, Arthur asks, “What did you want to be when you grew up?”

“A dinosaur,” Eames replies, with no hesitation at all. He's checking behind them, to see if they're being pursued.

“A dinosaur?” Arthur asks. He switches lanes, slipping the Lincoln neatly between a taxi and a charter bus, and guns the engine as they get onto the Long Island Expressway.

“Adulthood didn’t really seem that appealing,” Eames replies. “It definitely didn’t have the obvious benefits of being a velociraptor.”

Arthur laughs. “You were kind of fixated on dinosaurs, weren’t you?”

“You have no idea,” Eames says, grinning. “What about you?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Arthur says. “I wanted to be James Bond.”

Eames throws his head back and laughs.»

The Sweetest Downfall by toomuchplor
«Eames had long since thought of Arthur’s hair as permanently gelled into obedience. He’d had no earthly idea how – how wanton it could be, curving and wet at the tips and softening Arthur’s whole face»
Для всех у кого кинк на кудряшки Джозефа и на самого Артура.

The Taming of the Point Man (or, More Than One Way to Court Arthur) by AvocadoLove
«In a society where mating rights are determined by dominance fights, Eames can't seem to get one over on Arthur.»

Affection too Shy to Convey by sarahyyy
«"I know what they are," Arthur says, staring at the dog tags in Eames' hand. "Why are you giving them to me?"

Or, the one where Arthur is the last person to realize that he's in a relationship with Eames, freaks out over it, and makes flowcharts.»


«Arthur is still processing that (surprisingly insightful) information, when Dom adds on, "Like for our first wedding anniversary, I gave Mal the fishing rod my dad gave me for my eighth birthday."

Arthur stares at him, mouth agape, and tells himself that head-desking where the children can see him is not setting a good example. "How did you ever get Mal to look at you?"

Dom doesn't even bat an eyelash. "Tequila, dark lights and a piñata."

Arthur head-desks.»

Я бы с удовольствием взяла в кавычки весь фанфик, потому что он потрясающий, но это будет уже слишком.

A Little Foolishness and a Lot of Curiosity by eleveninches
«Eames has got Arthur all wrong, but he's too busy trying to hit that to notice.»


«"You sound really sexy when you speak in other languages," Arthur said, moving to kiss him. Eames stopped him with a hand on his chest. His firm, lean chest. Eames was mental for wanting to know this now, but--

"You didn't like it when I read you those poems," he said. "I saw you, you deleted the voicemails immediately."

"Is that what those were?" Arthur asked. He put a warm hand on Eames' thigh and gave him a smouldering look that quite definitely stirred some interest in Eames' trousers. "It was all Greek to me."

"That last one was in Greek," Eames replied.

Arthur smouldered some more. He caught Arthur's slender wrist before his hand moved any higher. I've gone round the bend, he thought.

"How could I seduce you with romantic poetry without using poetry?"

Now Arthur was beginning to look annoyed. He withdrew his hand. "You really want to talk about this now?"

"No. Yes. No. Yes!"

Arthur laughed. "You're so weird. Good thing I like weird."»

Для меня это оказался самый ООСный и самый неканонный фанфик, потому что в моем представлении Артур чертовски умный парень, ибо он координатор, он должен быть достаточно умен, чтобы разбираться в людях, разбираться в архитектуре, в психологии (может, даже в химии), знать несколько языков (подтирать за Коббом по всему миру не так просто), разбираться в PASIV. Серьезно, нет предела моему восхищению, потому что это невероятный персонаж. Когда речь заходит о том, как он ловко придумал в выбросом на втором уровне, где не было гравитации, у меня просто слюнки текут.
Я должна буду накалякать отдельный пост о том, как он прекрасен, о том, как я люблю его я собираюсь назвать сына в его честь ахаха

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